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We see this a lot with organizations that have compliance mandates, and or code compliance. Process improvement can still can be done and typically can have big impacts. As a matter of fact, often we find that broad assumptions are being made about what can and cannot be changed according to compliance. We have done work in government at the city municipality and state levels, and there are many processes that have code requirements, like in elections. The election and voting process for residents is packed with code compliance on how the process is done, but we were still able to reduce the cycle time and temporary labor significantly by making adjustments to HOW the requirements were filled.

Tracy O'Rourke

Tracy is a Managing Partner at She is also a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Instructor at UC San Diego and teaches in San Diego State University’s Lean Enterprise Program. For almost 20 years, she has helped leading organizations like Washington State, Charles Schwab and GE build problem-solving muscles.