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With a Green Belt or Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma, where could I work? Can I get involved in the capital market, currency, or banking industry?

The use of Lean Six Sigma from organization to organization varies among all industries and sectors. Financial Services is no exception. There are companies that have it fully deployed and incorporated into their culture, companies that are just starting to understand its value, and companies that have not yet begun its deployment. The key in every job search, of course, is to understand the culture and needs of the organizations to whom you apply and emphasize those skills and experiences in your application.

Having said that, companies everywhere value problem solvers. One of the single most important outcomes of a Lean Six Sigma “Belt” is the ability to effectively solve problems and satisfy customers. So, make sure to use the knowledge from those Lean Six Sigma courses to solve organization problems. Then, document the measurable results and highlight those in your resume. If it is unclear if the potential employer values or understand Lean Six Sigma, avoid the Lean Six Sigma jargon and simply describe the situation and the results you achieved. Set yourself up as a problem solver.

Last, always list that you have achieved the certification. It never hurts!

Carol Knight-Wallace

For more than 25 years, Carol Knight-Wallace has been helping organizations in the public and private sectors achieve excellence through Lean Six Sigma application, project management, strategic planning, and facilitation. Her experience includes Fortune 100 financial services companies, healthcare, manufacturing, government, non-profit, and higher education.