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This can be very tough because the hope is that a leader will do what they say they will do! But alas, sometimes this doesn’t happen. Meeting with a sponsor prior to launching a project is a very important action in order to discuss a Champion’s role. You can ask questions such as:

  • What will support look like?
  • Will they attend kickoff events and some meetings?
  • How often will you and/or the team meet with the Champion around project progress?

In addition, you should have some ideas around how the Champion could show support, so you can discuss them. Sometimes leaders want to be supportive, but they’re not quite sure when and how that should happen. Hopefully, discussing some of these things up front will help to solidify the level of support you will receive.

Tracy O'Rourke

Tracy is a Managing Partner at, the co-author of The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit and co-host of the Just-in-Time Cafe. She is also a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Instructor at UC San Diego and teaches in San Diego State University’s Lean Enterprise Program. For almost 20 years, she has helped leading organizations like Washington State, Charles Schwab and GE build problem-solving muscles.