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Single Modules

Quickly learn the basics of a single concept or tool with our 1 to 2 hour Single Modules. It’s training “Just-In-Time” – a Lean way to learn!

Coming Soon:

  • Collect Baseline Data
  • Project Team Alignment
  • Virtual & Onsite Meeting Management
  • Group Decision Making
  • Conflict Management
  • Brainstorming and Networking
  • Lean Principles
  • Tools to Improve Flow
  • Value-Added Flow Analysis
  • Rapid Improvement Events: Kaizens, Quick Hits & Pilots
  • Monitoring & Response Plan
  • Project Purpose

Join us each month as we bring you guided tours of the tools and concepts you’re most interested in. Our experts tackle the topics that you, our learner community, have requested. We break each topic down into manageable, informative sessions with helpful examples.

Coming Soon:

  • Remote Learning: How to Successfully Switch Lean Six Sigma Training From Onsite to Online
  • Lean Six Sigma in the Military
  • How Government Creates Continuous Savings With Lean Six Sigma
  • Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare
  • How to Differentiate Good Projects From Bad Projects – A Coach’s Perspective
  • Lean Six Sigma in Finance
  • How to Implement Tiered Huddles
  • Lean Six Sigma in Manufacturing
Support Tools

Easy to use reference guides, templates and tools that will make learning and applying Lean Six Sigma easier and more effective.

Coming Soon:

  • Green Belt Notebook
  • Green Belt Workbook
Start Improving Today!
Our goal at is to ensure you learn and apply Lean Six Sigma successfully. We recommend that you research training providers to get a hands-on sense of each provider’s courses so you can truly grasp the quality before investing your time and money. To help you this we offer our White Belt and Yellow Belt Training for free. Get a feel for's training approach and enjoy!