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Dennis M.

By using Lean Six Sigma to analyze data and prove how the data converts to real-time human interaction, I was able to save $550 per unit, per minute of downtime, for a 3% savings per shift. This resulted in a…

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Dr. Jorge A. G.

Lean has played a pivotal role in our organization and has enabled us to improve colon cancer screening rates in our clinic by 24% this year alone. This resulted in also being able to report quality measures to the federal…

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Phillip A.

After getting my Yellow Belt Certification at, I started using Lean Six Sigma principles to align our improvement efforts with our business strategy. I helped my company reduce error rates when importing data by 70% and reduce waste in…

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William J.

I started a new job at a Construction Company right after getting my Yellow Belt Certification from and was able to begin using the tools. I used Lean to identify waste, create a visual job board and increased my…

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Phillip W.'s Yellow Belt Training & Certification was very useful at our hospital as it helped us use Lean Six Sigma Tools to successfully improve the care we provide to our patients by increasing chemotherapy patient education & screening by 40%…

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Michael T.

At Nova Southeastern University, we used Lean Six Sigma to streamline our user experience and reduce the number of applications needed to provide quality education to our students. We were able to increase user adoption by 360% and reduced the…

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Donna R.

At the Department of Veteran's Affairs, we learned to use process mapping and work standardization techniques in our Specialty Care Clinic to decrease the wait time of appointments by creating a separate clinic for new patients. This enabled us to…

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Amandeep S.

Customers of our Travel Technology Company were expressing high dissatisfaction with our service so we conducted meetings with them, prioritized their concerns and gathered data. We then established a team that used Six Sigma to fix the customers' concerns in…

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