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Great real-world examples help develop the concepts. Also, the ability to pause and review specific areas over again were key to improving my problem-solving skills.

Develop Concepts

I liked that the course was easy to launch and navigate. I LOVED the online support I received during the process as well. I had to contact customer support 3 times and each time I had a response within a few minutes.

Online Support

I love the consistent use of Bahama Bistro to illustrate the points of the training. It makes the concepts easier to grasp when there are “real” examples.

Bahama Bistro

As a working professional, I liked that the self-paced nature of the training allowed me to accomplish the training at my convenience.

Working Professional

It offered a lot of practical ideas, was easy to follow and easy to use.

Practical Ideas

I liked that it was concise and to the point. It used real life examples that were often tied to things I do on a daily basis.


Very accessible, convenient, and entertaining way to learn Lean Six Sigma.