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The simulation and the interaction was the best.

Shawmut FastPitch 5

I loved it! Everyone was in full participation and enthusiasm to tackle the simulation as best as possible without knowing each other before yesterday.

Shawmut FastPitch 4

Many useful tools were provided to us that will help us stand apart from the competition.

Shawmut FastPitch 3

I thought this was a great and interactive way to learn a new way of improving a process.

Shawmut FastPitch 2

Awesome! Relatable with every tool introduced. Brought a new group together.

Shawmut FastPitch 1

The information and delivery were outstanding. I often find myself saying at the end of trainings, “This wasn’t useful,” but this training was extremely useful and I’m sure I will apply the tools in my leadership.

CEC FastPitch 6

Loved it. I learned new things and tools to improve my department.

CEC FastPitch 5

One of the most engaging training workshops that I have been involved in. Facilitators kept it moving and provided the perfect amount of information and role playing.

CEC FastPitch 4

This was extremely valuable to me, both personally and professionally. All the people I talked to said they got so much out of this training.

CEC FastPitch 3

I have participated in other similar trainings and none were as focused on actual business model improvement as this one. Excellent workshop and very much enjoyed.

CEC FastPitch 2

FastPitch was fantastic. It helped folks learn by doing.

CEC FastPitch 1