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The session was great! Several of my team members had positive comments and they are already thinking of ways they can improve our processes. [FastPitch] really helped the team to understand how the process improvement tools can be applied.

FastPitch Client 3

We’re responsible for people becoming mobile which is a very big deal. I really needed to address our cycle time and my challenge was getting my leadership team onboard in order for anything to happen. Putting them through the simulation gave them exposure to metrics and realistic problem solving by actually participating in improvement as opposed to sitting through a lecture. With the Champions workshop they all got so engaged that we immediately launched 5 initiatives and identified some critical immediate fixes. It was the jumpstart my team needed.

FastPitch Client 2

FastPitch shakes up the established work process. Because it’s “just a game,” FastPitch overrides boundaries, zooming in and then panning out in surprising ways on issues that inform every staff member regardless of rank. This produces a remarkable effect where all staff not only gain a true understanding of each other’s jobs, but the entire room morphs into an actual team invested in improving the outcome. Brilliantly simple set up and execution – FastPitch is a perfect introduction to Lean Six Sigma.

FastPitch Client 1

The simulation and the interaction was the best.

Shawmut FastPitch 5

I loved it! Everyone was in full participation and enthusiasm to tackle the simulation as best as possible without knowing each other before yesterday.

Shawmut FastPitch 4

Many useful tools were provided to us that will help us stand apart from the competition.

Shawmut FastPitch 3

I thought this was a great and interactive way to learn a new way of improving a process.

Shawmut FastPitch 2

Awesome! Relatable with every tool introduced. Brought a new group together.

Shawmut FastPitch 1

The information and delivery were outstanding. I often find myself saying at the end of trainings, “This wasn’t useful,” but this training was extremely useful and I’m sure I will apply the tools in my leadership.

CEC FastPitch 6

Loved it. I learned new things and tools to improve my department.

CEC FastPitch 5

One of the most engaging training workshops that I have been involved in. Facilitators kept it moving and provided the perfect amount of information and role playing.

CEC FastPitch 4

This was extremely valuable to me, both personally and professionally. All the people I talked to said they got so much out of this training.

CEC FastPitch 3