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Webinar: How To Deploy Lean Six Sigma In Your Organization -

Webinar: How to Deploy Lean Six Sigma in Your Organization

  [Go-Getter Membership Exclusive Webinar] Are your Lean Six Sigma efforts stale? Is your organization finally pulling the trigger on Continuous Improvement implementation? Learn how to jumpstart your Lean Six Sigma efforts and get your organization on the right foot…

Go-Getter Membership Exclusive Webinar

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Success Story: How Lean Six Sigma Reduced Travel Expense Approval Time By 94% With Eunjoo Greenhouse And Valerie Ceban -

Lean Six Sigma Success Story: How Lean Six Sigma Reduced Travel Expense Approval Time by 94% With Eunjoo Greenhouse and Valerie Ceban

 King County continues to streamline processes and make things simpler and easier! Watch this 30 minute success story to learn how they reduced unnecessary steps in a process that almost all organizations have: the travel expense process! The Challenge King County—Washington State's most populous county, with over 2 million…

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Webinar: How To Harness The Power Of Visual Management -

Webinar: How to Harness the Power of Visual Management

 Want to know the best-kept secret in the Continuous Improvement world? The smallest addition of Visual Management often results in the biggest impact on a process. Visual Management changes the landscape of a workplace for the better, and it often serves as the most noticeable legacy of process improvement.…

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Webinar: Introduction To Process Management -

Webinar: Introduction to Process Management

 Improving processes is a just a piece of Process Management. Process Management is strategic work to help organizations identify value streams and core processes, align them to strategic goals and objectives, and measure what customers care about and prioritize improvement work to make the organization better. This 1-hour Introductory…

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Webinar: How To Use A Fishbone Diagram -

Webinar: How to Use a Fishbone Diagram (ENCORE!)

 The first live presentation of this webinar was so popular that we're doing an encore presentation! The Fishbone (aka Cause & Effect or Ishikawa) Diagram is a seemingly simple method of conducting structured brainstorming around the root cause of a process problem. So why is it so hard to…

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Lean Six Sigma Success Story: Improving the Capital Design Review Process at Wastewater Treatment Division by 30%, Featuring Roger Browne

King County Wastewater Treatment Division successfully improves the Capital Design process. Watch this 30 minute success story featuring Roger Browne, an Engineering Supervisor. Roger talks about the successful project and how a team from Wastewater Treatment Division helped reduce lead time on this Capital Design Review Process. The Challenge In…

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Webinar: Introduction To Value Stream Mapping -

Webinar: Introduction to Value Stream Mapping

Value Stream Mapping is an essential tool to help understand the current state and design the future state of a process. Learn more about why this kind of mapping is fundamental for a big picture view of an entire Value Stream and for improving transactional and manufacturing processes. Webinar Level…

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