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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

How do I distinguish between Non-Value added and Value Added?

Good question! Value-Added Steps pass the 3 customer-focused criteria: The customer is willing to pay for it (cares) Transforms the item toward completion (something changes) Done right the first time (not an inspection/rework step). If it does not pass all three criteria, then the step is either Non-Value-Added or Non-Value-Added but required (NVA-r). The Value-Added…
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Wine & Waste: A Primer on Value -

Wine & Waste: A Primer on Value

Wine and Waste: Two terms that are not typically “paired” in our house. Wine is rarely wasted in the consumption process (unless you consider unneeded calories, but let’s not go there). However, what about during the buying and tasting process? There must be some waste there. Or, so I assumed…

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