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Is there a tool that can be used to guide Process Walks?

We have the following templates available: Process Walk Ground Rules Process Walk Interview Sheet Process Walk Planning Checklist Later this year, we will be developing a Process Walk Facilitator Guide for planning and conducting Process Walks. And lastly, here are some helpful links from our web site: Video: The Process Walk – An Overview of What,…
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Webinar: Why Process Walks Are A Must -

Webinar: Why Process Walks Are a Must

During this 1-hour Intermediate Webinar, you will learn what Process Walks are and why Process Walks are a critical action before implementing improvements to any process. Webinar Level Intermediate Agenda What a Process Walk is Why Process Walks are a MUST How to do a Process Walk How to use Process Walk…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

Is a Huddle Meeting similar to a Gemba Walk?

No, they are two different things. A Huddle Meeting is usually conducted with a group of people reporting to one supervisor or manager. Huddles are organized by functional reporting relationships to discuss yesterday’s teams’ productivity, goals and/or possible improvement opportunities. Gemba Walks can involve cross-functional groups or people, and the goal is to understand the…
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Webinar: How To Manage Change With Negative Nancy -

Webinar: How to Manage Change With Negative Nancy

[Go-Getter Membership Exclusive Webinar] Watch this 1-hour Intermediate Webinar and you’ll learn why people resist change and how you can improve your influence skills. We’ll help you ensure your next process improvement efforts are successful! Best Practices for Managing Negative Nancy Be clear when letting her know the higher purpose of what you’re trying to do…

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Process Walk Ground Rules

What are the Process Walk Ground Rules? Process Walk Ground Rules is a team handout with a list of behavioral guidelines to ensure a productive Process Walk that is focused on the process as opposed to the people. To learn how to use Process Walk Ground Rules and how to apply…

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