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Free Lean Training: Learn About Lean In 30 Minutes

Get Your Easy To Understand Introduction To Lean for FREE! Start your 30 minute Introduction to Lean and see why over 20,000 learners have registered for our training. It's a fun and practical way to  quickly and effectively build your process improvement and project management skills. Begin to apply Lean in…

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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

As a new learner, how much time will it take me to prepare for the Green Belt Training Certification?

There is no preparation time before deciding to begin the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification. Our Green Belt courses do not require live projects or experience since we walk you through a Lean Six Sigma project step-by-step through our training. The Green Belt Training & Certification is online, self-paced, and can be completed…
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Learn How To Apply Lean In 4 Steps

Lean can help you transform your organization by increasing revenue, decreasing costs and improving your culture. Now, learning how to apply Lean at work (or at home) has never been easier. At, we've made it our mission to make learning more approachable by making it easier to understand  and…

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Free Lean Six Sigma Training

Our Free Lean Six Sigma Training draws on over 25 years of success helping the world’s leading organizations create happier customers and save hundreds of millions of dollars. We're excited to share our expertise and provide you with the most effective way to learn and begin applying Lean Six Sigma at no cost. Start…

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The Online Green Belt Training Process

There are numerous online Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training providers, but they all typically utilize the same process when it comes to delivering online training. At first, the Green Belt Training process may seem overwhelming and complicated, but in reality, it can be broken down into a few key…

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