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Lean Life Hack #3: How To Raise Kids -

Lean Life Hack #3: How to Raise Kids

Some young parents look like extras on The Walking Dead. Others sound like truant officers about to haul their kids off to the pokey. But some seem to have a secret formula for maintaining a high-functioning, kid-filled household. What follows are some brilliantly simple, Lean visual routines offered by largely…

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Lean Life Hack #2: How To Remember Stuff -

Lean Life Hack #2: How to Remember Stuff

Do you have great conversations but can’t quite recall what was great about them? Do you sometimes wish you had written down a pithy quote? Do you have trouble remembering where you were last Tuesday? That last one might haunt you if you’re questioned by the police but this is…

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Lean Life Hack #1: How To Start Your Day -

Lean Life Hack #1: How to Start Your Day

I confess I am a success tips junkie. If I see “The 5 Things Successful People Do,” “How to Be Your Most Productive Self,” “10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Whatever” – anything remotely hinting at a better way – Click, I’m going to give it a read.…

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