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Why a Lean Six Sigma Culture Should Be Adopted in Healthcare -

Why a Lean Six Sigma Culture Should Be Adopted in Healthcare

When organizations fail to align internally, often times, it’s quite apparent externally. If an organization’s culture is not clearly defined and properly conveyed to its people, they tend to have difficulty performing tasks as required resulting in less and less satisfied customers. The results are often painstakingly difficult to overcome…

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How to Apply 5S: Work Station -

How to Apply 5S: Work Station

5S is a fundamental pillar of a Lean deployment. The 5S exercise captures core principles of the Lean philosophy that facilitate the extension and development of a lasting lean implementation. Think of it as the foundation upon which a house is built upon. While some think of it as a…

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Lean Six Sigma Boosts Leadership and Culture in Healthcare

Among the industries in turmoil in today’s economy, Healthcare has the potential to achieve the some of the greatest levels of improvement. While improvement can be obtained in various ways, when an organization’s leaders are involved, the chances of an improvement effort's success and impact is exponentially higher. Lean Six…

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Lean Six Sigma: Improving the Health Care Industry

Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare centers the primary focus on the patients. It aims to deliver the maximum value to patients along with reducing costs by continuously improving processes – a win-win situation for both healthcare organizations and those the most important to them, their patients and families. What Is…

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