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Lean Six Sigma Q&A -

Is a Huddle Meeting similar to a Gemba Walk?

No, they are two different things. A Huddle Meeting is usually conducted with a group of people reporting to one supervisor or manager. Huddles are organized by functional reporting relationships to discuss yesterday’s teams’ productivity, goals and/or possible improvement opportunities. Gemba Walks can involve cross-functional groups or people, and the goal is to understand the…
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Process Walk Planning Timeline

  What is a Process Walk Planning Timeline? The Process Walk Planning Timeline is a template to help organize preparation activities for conducting a Process Walk. The document includes a timeline, description of activities to be completed prior to an event, and a standard Process Walk agenda. To learn how…

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Lean Six Sigma Glossary -

Gemba Walk (aka Process Walk)

A Gemba Walk is an informational tour of the area where the work is taking place. A Gemba walk is a series of structured, on-site interviews with representative process participants with the goal of gaining a comprehensive understanding of the process. Interviews focus on detail such as process time, wait…

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