Walter Shewhart: Grand-Daddy Of Quality

Walter Shewhart: Grand-Daddy of Quality

Dr. Deming was amazing, but who was his teacher? Who produced the PDCA Cycle? Who conceived of Statistical Process Control? The modest man behind the scenes, another fascinating product of the Hawthorne Works, was none other than Walter Shewhart. This year would have marked Walter Shewhart’s 126th birthday – truly…

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Webinar: How To Use A Fishbone Diagram

Webinar: How to Use a Fishbone Diagram

The Fishbone (aka Cause & Effect or Ishikawa) Diagram is a seemingly simple method of conducting structured brainstorming around the root cause of a process problem. So why is it so hard to get it right? We'll walk through some classic ways to build a Fishbone Diagram, we'll show you…

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Webinar: Introduction To Lean (ENCORE!)

Webinar: Introduction to Lean (ENCORE!)

The first live presentation of this webinar was so popular that we did an encore presentation! Watch our 1-hour foundational webinar below and you’ll learn how to begin applying Lean right away. You’ll learn what Lean is, why Lean is good for business and how some of the basic Lean concepts…

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Lean Life Hack #3: How To Raise Kids

Lean Life Hack #3: How to Raise Kids

Some young parents look like extras on The Walking Dead. Others sound like truant officers about to haul their kids off to the pokey. But some seem to have a secret formula for maintaining a high-functioning, kid-filled household. What follows are some brilliantly simple, Lean visual routines offered by largely…

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