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Webinar: How To Use Control Charts -

Webinar: How to Use Control Charts

 [FREE PREVIEW: Go-Getter Membership Webinar] Did you know that a Control Chart is just a Line Chart that went to college? But it's that extra bit of education that makes the difference. Using Control Charts can help you understand the trends and shifts in your process performance. They can…

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Podcast: Just-In-Time Cafe, Episode 47 - Plan-Do...Walk-Away? Avoiding The Perils Of Lean, Featuring Mohamed Saleh -

Podcast: Just-In-Time Cafe, Episode 47 – Plan-Do…Walk-Away? Avoiding the Perils of Lean, Featuring Mohamed Saleh

For Today's Special check out Elisabeth's interview with Lean Sensei Mohamed Saleh of Hartford Healthcare in Connecticut. Aside from being a great guy, he shares rare wisdom on how smart leaders drive successful Lean Transformation. For Survey Says we're looking for your feedback on our Just-In-Time Cafe podcast. For our…

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Grand-Daddy Of Quality: Mikel Harry -

Grand-Daddy of Quality: Mikel Harry

If Bill Smith was the father of Six Sigma, Mikel Harry, in his words, was the godfather. We lost Dr. Harry in 2017 but this month would have marked his 67th birthday. Dr. Harry worked with pioneer Bill Smith at Motorola to refine the Six Sigma method and spread it…

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Grand Daddy Of Quality - Joseph Juran -

Grand-Daddy of Quality: Joseph M. Juran

Dr. Juran was a Quality Man with a Quality Life, and, after celebrating 81 years, clearly a Quality marriage! Time to tip our hats to the man who pointed out that sometimes inspection costs more than the defects themselves. Huzzah! December 24th would have marked Mr. Juran’s 114th birthday -…

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