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Dr. W. Edwards Deming: Grand-Daddy Of Quality

Dr. W. Edwards Deming: Grand-Daddy of Quality

“Don’t rule by fear,” “Stop inspection,” “Remove silos” and "Clarify your purpose.” Dr. Deming’s principles are as applicable today as they were when he was alive. He challenged managers to rule without fear, without targets or quotas and focus instead on setting the stage for pride of workmanship. What workplace…

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James Womack: Grand-Daddy Of Quality

James Womack: Grand-Daddy of Quality

The Lean Enterprise Institute is coming up on it’s 20th Anniversary which means founder James Womack must be proud! We know he’s proud of his of meeting his daily goal of 10,000 steps. Time to celebrate the non-profit LEI and its generous founder - Happy Birthday to both of you!…

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John Shook: Grand-Daddy Of Quality

John Shook: Grand-Daddy of Quality

He’s in Lean. He’s all Shook up! Musical puns aside, John Shook recently did a good job of connecting Lean to Baseball which ties together two of America’s favorite past times. Okay, Lean my not have risen to “favorite” yet, but John Shook is working on it! We don’t actually…

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Bill Smith: Grand-Daddy Of Quality

Bill Smith: Grand-Daddy of Quality

Who put the “Six” in Six Sigma? Who’s the man behind the first Malcolm Baldrige Award and how did he get so good at betting on race horses? This year would have marked Bill Smith’s 88th birthday. Mr. Smith is credited with coining the term “Six Sigma” and developing the…

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