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Webinar: How To Manage Change With Negative Nancy -

Webinar: How to Manage Change With Negative Nancy

[Go-Getter Membership Exclusive Webinar] Watch this 1-hour Intermediate Webinar and you’ll learn why people resist change and how you can improve your influence skills. We’ll help you ensure your next process improvement efforts are successful! Best Practices for Managing Negative Nancy Be clear when letting her know the higher purpose of what you’re trying to do…

Go-Getter Membership Exclusive Webinar

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10 Types of Troublesome Team Members

We need the support of others to make Lean Six Sigma process improvement (or any change) possible. But sometimes, we encounter challenges in getting team members or stakeholders to support our efforts. Here are 10 Types of Troublesome Team Members. General Best Practices for Troublesome Team Members Establish Ground Rules: Share…

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How To Build A Lean Culture: Using Leader Standard Work -

How to Build a Lean Culture: Using Leader Standard Work

So your organization is embarking on a Lean Journey. Congratulations! The Lean journey can be transformational and exciting for an organization. It can also be daunting and frustrating too. How do leaders figure out how to transform the people, the processes and the performance of an organization? Hopefully, leaders consider…

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How Lean Thinking And Switch Change Management Benefits Small Healthcare Practices -

How Lean Thinking and Switch Change Management Benefits Small Healthcare Practices

Many successful Advanced Primary Care models have been implemented in community clinics or staff models where extended health care professionals, including nurses, health coaches or social workers, are part of the existing interdisciplinary team. The Advanced Primary Care model could provide added value to independent physicians practices by improving patient-experience…

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How Process Can Hamper Productivity

Lisa Bodell of Fast Company discusses how processes can get in the way of productivity in her article, "5 Ways Process Kills Productivity." Although good processes help to standardize and simplify complex activities, having too many processes in place can do more harm than good. Bodell cites examples that include…

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