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Idea Funneling Guide -

Idea Funneling Guide

What is the Idea Funneling Guide? The Idea Funneling Guide is a targeted resource to help gather the best ideas to solve process issues. The science proves that Group Brainstorming is less effective so this guide focuses on tapping the wisdom of individuals. Use Idea Funneling in the Improve Phase…

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Green Belts: Group Brainstorming Is a Waste of Time

We tell Green Belts to use group brainstorming to come up with solutions, but the research says it doesn’t work—the data proves they would come up with better ideas without it.  That’s baffling since brainstorming promotes creativity, taps the wisdom of groups and it has a cool icon—the light bulb.…

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Burn the Popcorn: Stop Traditional Brainstorming -

Burn the Popcorn: Stop Traditional Brainstorming

Your process improvement effort is going splendidly! You flowcharted, collected data, determined root cause and now, you finally get to discuss solutions. Sometimes the solutions are obvious – but what if they aren’t? It doesn't take hours of brainstorming to understand that Standard Work might be a good place to…

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Lean Six Sigma Glossary -


Brainstorming is a free-thinking group method for generating ideas to handle a challenging situation. An underlying maxim for Brainstorming is "from quantity comes quality." The primary objective of Brainstorming is to encourage innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. To achieve this goal, the Brainstorming session is performed with no editing: analysis, discussion,…

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