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Lean Six Sigma Activity: Build Excitement Around Excellence -

When building a culture of process excellence, most organizations either strategize early on about how to gain buy-in or wish they had. Not having enough of the right stakeholders on board at the right time is a difficulty many in the world of Lean Six Sigma have experienced throughout their initiatives.

The journey of having a few team leaders and a couple of successful initiatives to the state where continuous improvement becomes “the way of doing business” can take time. If it takes too much time, the cost is anything from lost opportunities and a failed effort, to squandered competitive advantages leading to lost customers and shrinking profits.

Understand Lean and Six Sigma By Doing Lean and Six Sigma

A way to generate immediate momentum around the pursuit of perfection is by exposing employees to a quick, engaging proof of concept. As the old adage goes, “I hear I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand.”FastPitch drives that visceral understanding home in a 1-day Lean Six Sigma Overview Workshop where participants learn by doing.

Employees at all levels are able to take a step back from their day-to-day worlds and take a glimpse at how continuous improvement is not just possible, but satisfying and transformational. The Simulation achieves this by allowing participants to step into a business scenario, experience and assess the Waste in the system, and then learn how to remove it. Groups of 5 to 100 participants go through a data-based journey of Lean and Six Sigma concepts and then are able to immediately relate their experiences directly to their own workplace. And, truth be told, they have fun doing it.

How The GoLeanSix Simulation Works

The day begins with a quick overview of the Lean Six Sigma journey and moves immediately into an interactive cycle to baseline the workings of a transactional business. Participants go from being immersed in the hands-on session back to instruction around Lean Six Sigma tools and concepts. Each cycle culminates in new data, new discoveries and the chance to apply the Lean Six Sigma tools and concepts to satisfy customer requirements. Ultimately groups experience the possibility and power of radically improving a business in a single day.

Although the Simulation is based on a transactional business, manufacturing business all over the world receive just as much value from the Simulation as the concepts are relatable to any organization, regardless of industry or size.

Proven Success With Measurable Results

FastPitch has proven to be a successful way to accomplish two critical, foundational needs within any continuous improvement culture.

  1. First, it provides a powerful method for building buy-in and ownership within and amongst leadership. Management’s’ role as sponsors and champions can make or break any effort and the simulation quickly illustrates what they can expect to gain as a result of their support.
  2. Second, our Simulation is as an educational tool for potential team leads, team members and process participants. The one-day experience rapidly builds appreciation and understanding of the basic Lean Six Sigma tool set among those employees who are most likely to apply those learnings to your organization. A subset can then later receive more in depth training on how to lead those efforts, but they will have a ready and willing contingent to assist them on their journey.

There are many factors at work when determining how to successfully lower costs and increase revenue by using Lean Six Sigma but chief among them is the interest and ownership within the organization of embracing change.

FastPitch is the proven way to immediately engage the workforce and build that essential momentum. But be warned, your employees may just enjoy the experience!

Have you had a successful Simulation with us before or elsewhere? How did it go? Share our story below! We’d love to hear from  you.

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