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Kanbans & Supermarkets Training & Certificate


Learn the basics of Kanbans & Supermarkets and build your problem-solving muscles.

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What is a Kanban?

Kanban is a Japanese term that translates to “card” or “board” and indicates some form of signal within a process. Kanbans are part of Just In Time (JIT) processing where either a physical or electronic device indicates that it’s time to order inventory, process a unit or move to the next step in a process.

What is a Supermarket?

A Supermarket is inventory used in tandem with Kanbans as a Pull system to stock materials according to demand. The name comes from the type of shelving used in a supermarket where as one bottle of milk is removed from the shelf, another one rolls into place. Anyone viewing the shelf from behind can see exactly what’s been removed by a customer and how much inventory needs to be replaced. Supermarkets are located near the supplying process so process participants can see and respond to customer usage.

Why You Should Register for Kanbans & Supermarkets Training & Certificate

In the Kanbans & Supermarkets Training (Single Module), you’ll learn the basics of these tools and techniques and continue building your problem-solving muscles.

What You’ll Get (Certificate, PDUs/CPEs)

  • Kanbans & Supermarkets Certificate
  • 1 PDU / 1.2 CPEs


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Delivery: Fully online and on-demand/self-paced/asynchronous
  • Timing: 1 hour
  • Exam: 5 questions, 100% score required, unlimited retakes, results viewable
  • Access: 1 year
  • Works on smartphones and tablets


  • Define Kanbans and Supermarkets
  • Describe how Kanbans and Supermarkets support Just-in-Time Inventory Management
  • List the Benefits of Kanbans and Supermarkets
  • Describe how Supermarkets work with Kanbans

List of Contents

  • Kanbans & Supermarkets Training Module
  • Quiz: Kanbans & Supermarkets

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  • Need to learn the basics or get a refresher on a single concept or tool
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Kanbans & Supermarkets Training & Certificate
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by Hank Sapeda on Kanbans & Supermarkets Training & Certificate

I can see where these ideas apply around the home also!
Thank you,
Hank Sapeda

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