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Kaizen Event Workshop


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A Kaizen Event involves key process participants focusing on solving a narrowly scoped process improvement opportunity. In our Kaizen Event Workshop, our Team of highly experienced Lean Six Sigma Consultants will partner with you to prepare and facilitate a successful Kaizen Event.

The difference between a Kaizen Event Workshop and typical workshops is threefold:

  • The planning for the Kaizen Event Workshop is extensive
  • Leadership has given explicit approval for change
  • The agreed upon improvement takes place before the Kaizen Event Workshop is completed

Expenses are not included in this price and will be billed upon completion of the Kaizen Event Workshop.

Agenda (Customizable)

Pre-work (1 Day)

Factors Determining # of Days Needed:

  • Number of people involved and/or interviewed – Process size
  • Number of tasks to be completed

Pre-work Items to Complete

  • Project Charter
  • Project Scope
  • Data Collection
  • Determine Participants

Pre-work Costs

  • 1 Day x 1 Consultant ($3,500/day)
  • $3,500.00

Run Kaizen Event (3 Days)

Run Kaizen Event Costs

  • 3 Days x 1 Consultant @ $3,500/day
  • $10,500.00