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Control Charts Training & Certificate


Learn the basics of Control Charts and build your problem-solving muscles.

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What Are Control Charts?

Control Charts are time charts designed to display signals or warnings of special cause variation. Special cause variation, as distinct from common cause variation, refers to changes in process performance due to sporadic or rare events indicating that a process is not “in control.” The advantage of Control Charts is that they enhance the understanding of process variation making it easier to take action to reduce special cause variation and improve ongoing process performance.

Graphically, they feature points that represent project mean or variation, and upper and lower Control Limits. The location of these points determines if a project is “out of control” and under the influence of common or special causes.

Why You Should Register for Control Charts Training & Certificate

In the Control Charts Training (Single Module), you’ll learn the basics of these tools and techniques and continue building your problem-solving muscles.

What You’ll Get (Certificate, PDUs/CPEs)

  • Control Charts Template
  • Control Charts Certificate
  • 2 PDUs / 2.4 CPEs


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Delivery: Fully online and on-demand/self-paced/asynchronous
  • Timing: 2 hours
  • Exam: 5 questions, 100% score required, unlimited retakes, results viewable
  • Access: 1 year
  • Works on smartphones and tablets


  • Define Control Charts
  • Describe the benefits of using Control Charts
  • Differentiate between special and common causes of variation
  • Describe the different types of Control Charts
  • Outline the actions indicated based on Control Chart output

List of Contents

  • Control Charts Training Module
  • Webinar: How to Use Control Charts
  • Quiz: Control Charts

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Control Charts Training & Certificate
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