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Black Belt Recertification


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Black Belt Recertification: $499

Once registered, you’ll have one full year to complete the course requirements.

You’ll be required to complete and pass a Black Belt Project Storyboard Submission.

Please note, if you choose not to recertify, your certificate will simply expire. Black Belt recertification is required every 4 years to maintain Black Belt status. Current Black Belt must be through’s Black Belt Training & Certification.

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 89 reviews

The black belt certification process has been a great experience. The tools learned in the course will further enhance your ability to problem solve and coach others.

LSS Black Belt training and certification is not an easy one to be certified. I started with the Green belt and finally finished the Black belt training today. I know I still have to complete the project and evaluative writing in order to finish the whole tasks of the Black Belt training and certification but I am glad that I l got improved a lot compared to the Green Belt training and pretty confident with myself to complete this all. This certification is not just for a better career but also to keep us motivated and knowledgeable.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification & training is not an easy task even for practitioners, not to mention that for non English native speaking too. But likewise other tools and training, goleansixsigma materials and support made it easy to be digested and accepted. There was sometimes where I found myself stuck, or found errors but these events are not more than 5% of the total amount of the training materials. Let me also mention that during the course there are many quizzes and examples which made it easy for people to see the realty. Don't forget that as a trainee, we had the chance to repeat the phases exams as many as we could, there was no limited number redoing exams until passing it. Tools and templates are something we defiantly need to showcase which also help the trainee do their projects easily. Having talked about the above pros, I just need to say two few things that might required to make goleansixsigma leading the future of online training, the voice of the person (lady) in green belt training was awesome, the voice of the person in black belt training is not bad but was quick, my advice is to think about that matter to make it an option for trainees to select which voice they relaxed to more. The other thing is the access to minitab, it would be better if goleansixsigma thought of this as something nice to have, as a trainee maybe not everyone has minitab in their workplace or can afford to buy it, in my case I used excel and then managed to use other organization copy to do some needed statistics, I believe it would be nice if goleansixsigma has a memorandum of understanding with the minitab to provide a student copy at attractive price or even for free even in online or via the cloud if possible.
One last thing to say to the people I dealt with in goleansixsigma, thank you for making this achievable and thank you for all the support you provided me with.

Great Product, very informative.

Great Product! Incredibly informative and incredibly beneficial for self-learners!

I completed my Yellow Belt, Green Belt and Black Belt through You are looking for top notch Lean Six Sigma training, look no further. is also on the Army's Credentialing Assistance Program approved vendors list. The amount of knowledge and experience the Master Black Belt offered is amazing!

I've used GoLeanSixSigma for my Yellow, Green and Black Belt certifications. The entire staff is always personable and responsive. Thank you for creating training that is easy to understand and apply.

I have just completed a very useful training course with a lot of information and various techniques applicable not only in work but also in everyday life.
I would like to express my gratitude for the professionalism and the quality of the Black Belt Program. I wish all Team and participants prosperity and look forward to cooperation in improvements in the future.

I really liked the information I was given for the Black Belt course. Just wish there was more interaction with an instructer instead of it all being through slides. Sometimes certain slides gave too much of just the Bahama Bistro example but not really explaining what a certain control chart is.

I highly recommend the Black Belt Training with GoLeanSixSigma. I learned a lot of Six Sigma improvement techniques which I can immediately apply to the improvement process at work.

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