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5 Whys & Fishbone Diagram Training & Certificate


Learn the basics of the 5 Whys & Fishbone Diagram and build your problem-solving muscles.


What Are the 5 Whys?

5 Whys is a simple but effective method of analyzing and solving problems by asking “why” five times, or as many times as needed, in order to move past symptoms and determine root cause. This approach is used in tandem with Cause & Effect or Fishbone diagrams.

What Is a Fishbone (Cause & Effect) Diagram?

The Fishbone (or Cause & Effect) Diagram is a structured brainstorming tool designed to assist an improvement team in listing potential causes of a specific effect. Its name derives from its resemblance to the bones of a fish. It is also known as an Ishikawa Diagram, for its creator. This tool is used in tandem with The 5 Whys.

Why You Should Register for 5 Whys & Fishbone Diagram Training & Certificate

In the 5 Whys & Fishbone Diagram Training (Single Module), you’ll learn the basics of these tools and techniques and continue building your problem-solving muscles.

What You’ll Get (Certificate, PDUs)

  • Fishbone Diagram Template & Example
  • 5 Whys Template & Example
  • 5 Whys & Fishbone Diagram Certificate
  • 2 PDUs


  • Prerequisites: None
  • Delivery: Fully online and on-demand/self-paced/asynchronous
  • Timing: 2 Hours
  • Access: 30 Days


  • Define the 5 Whys & Fishbone Diagram
  • Explain why the 5 Whys & Fishbone Diagram are important
  • Describe how the 5 Whys & Fishbone Diagram relate to the DMAIC problem-solving methodology
  • Define the the terms used in the 5 Whys & Fishbone Diagram
  • List the common elements that make up the 5 Whys & Fishbone Diagram

List of Contents

  • 5 Whys & Fishbone Diagram Training Module
  • Webinar: How to Use a Fishbone Diagram
  • Quiz: 5 Whys & Fishbone Diagram

New: Single Modules

Single Modules are a smart new way to learn the basics of  a single Lean Six Sigma concept or tool. It’s training “Just-In-Time” – a Lean way to learn!

We recommend them if you:

  • Don’t need a full training and certification course
  • Need to learn the basics or get a refresher on a single concept or tool
  • Need PDUs for your PMP Certification

To learn how to complete successful Lean Six Sigma projects step-by-step and build your problem-solving muscles, please register for Green Belt Training & Certification. Interested in registering a group of people for this module? Contact us to learn about Group Discounts (starting at 5 learners).

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Good tool to pull in key members of the process and quickly identify potential issues.

This was a completely new topic to me and the course helped me to gain a useful understanding of it.

Got some great new information, but some of the test questions were not covered clearly in the training.

I enjoyed taking this course on a specific facet of Lean Six Sigma. I like how this organization has broken out specific aspects for more study. I highly recommend it.

Easy to understand and helpful.

Very helpful and educational.

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