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The Need for Effective Skills Development

There is a pressing need in Hawai’i to improve workforce development. Together, we must prepare students adequately for careers that offer a living wage. Public education institutions hold significant potential in this regard through the implementation of CTE and PBL programs. The integration of these educational approaches can benefit students, employers, and communities alike by creating a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

We’re on a mission to empower Students in Hawai’i with the productivity and efficiency capabilities we teach our clients in the Fortune 500, Government, Nonprofit, Colleges, and Small Businesses.

Karlo Tanjuakio,
CEO & Founder of GLSS + Kure

Our Proven Approach

We’ve upskilled 450,000+ learners and 6,100+ organizations internationally with Lean Six Sigma. We specialize in:

  1. Online, self-paced, fun experiences that scales CTE and PBL more efficiently than ever
  2. Project work that focuses on delivering measurable results
  3. Collaboration between schools + companies + communities to ensure skills relevance
How GLSS + Kure Work

Learn with GLSS

GLSS is a Hawai’i based online educational platform that specializes in industry-recognized training and certification for Lean Six Sigma, a methodology centered around data-driven problem solving.

Apply with Kure

Kure is an online project management platform that automates the implementation of Lean Six Sigma with AI, helping Educators, Students and companies deliver measurable improvement results.

Example Student Assignment

Learn to complete a real Lean Six Sigma project that delivers measurable results to a company. Commitment: 2 hours/week for 5 weeks (10 hours total).

  1. Week 1: Complete Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training & Certification (via GLSS) (2 hours)
  2. Week 2 to 5: Complete Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Project (via Kure)
    • Week 1: Define Phase + Measure Phase (2 hours)
    • Week 2: Analyze Phase (2 hours)
    • Week 3: Improve Phase (2 hours)
    • Week 4: Control Phase (2 hours)
  3. Students submit:
    • Certificate (from GLSS)
    • Project Summary (from Kure)
    • Problem Statement, Opportunities Found, Recommended Solutions, Results Delivered

Certificate Example (GLSS)

GLSS is a PMI® Authorized Training Partner and a Certified Minority Business Enterprise.

Project Examples

Students at Waipahu High School reduced event setup time at a nonprofit by 75% (120 min. to 30 min.)

Get Started
    1. Email Karlo Tanjuakio to schedule an introduction meeting (
    2. Get access to GLSS + Kure to experience our optimized approach
    3. Subscribe to GLSS + Kure (scholarships or business partnerships may be available for subsidy)
    4. Start optimizing Workforce Development to better prepare Students for living-wage careers