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Lean Training’s Lean Training is the most practical, cost-effective way for you, your team or your entire organization to learn and begin applying Lean tools and concepts. It’s an in-depth, interactive, fun online course that quickly and effectively builds your process improvement and project management skills by covering the following concepts and tools. Learn more about our Online Lean Training.

2-Day Training

1.9 CEUs / 19 PDUs


Self-Paced, Online, Practical, Fun Continuing Education and Professional Development Units Combined Training & Certification Globally Recognized
  • Introduction to Lean

    • What Is Lean?
    • The History of Lean
    • The Focus of Lean
    • What Is a Lean Process?
    • Why Do Organizations Use Lean?
    • The Cost Of Poor Quality
    • Focus On the Process
    • Lean Principles
    • How Do You Define Value?
    • What Is Flow?
    • The Concept Of Pull
    • The Impact Of Pull
    • How Do You Pursue Perfection?
  • Lean Tools and Concepts to Establish Current State

    • PDCA
    • A3
    • 8 Wastes
    • Organizational Level Process Map
    • Value Stream Map (VSM)
    • Swimlane Map
    • Process Walk
    • Spaghetti Chart
    • Customer Value
    • Lean Metrics
    • Process Analysis
    • Value Stream Map Analysis
    • Histogram
    • Pareto Chart
    • The 5 Whys & The Fishbone Diagram
  • Lean Tools and Concepts to Develop Future State

    • Single Piece Flow & Batch Reduction
    • Changeover Reduction
    • Work Cell Design
    • Workload Balancing & Demand Levelling
    • Cross Training
    • Kanban & Supermarkets
    • Standard Work
    • Visual Management
    • 5S
    • Value Stream Map Future State
    • Quick Wins
    • Rapid Improvement Event (Kaizen Event)
    • Pilots
    • Multi-Phase Implementation
    • Mistake-Proofing (Poka Yoke)
    • Pursue Perfection
  • Lean Tools and Concepts to Build a Lean Culture

    • Leader Standard Work (LSW)
    • Leader Task Boards
    • A3 Coaching
    • Leader Process Performance Boards
    • Leader Huddle Meetings
    • Leader Process Walks
    • Meeting Productivity
    • Stakeholder Analysis
    • Communication Plan


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