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Leaders are often left without essential instruction on how to usher in a thriving Culture of Continuous Improvement. Register to get the building blocks to manage meaningful change and become a Lean Six Sigma Champion.

A must for anyone interested in identifying, developing and strengthening leadership skills and improving the culture of their workplace.

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I’ve come to expect nothing less than greatness on how the crew handles their intuitive self-placed learning platform! The Champion Course did not disappoint – with a steady dose of engaging modules, webinars, podcasts, and blogs. The flow of the phases is exactly how one would want to approach the transitioning within their own operations – as I now will be doing. The sections over transforming the culture and coaching really stood out to me – can’t wait to implement within my own team. You’ll continuously hear the tagline of “Building Problem-Solving Muscles” – and that’s exactly what this course does. Thanks Elisabeth and Tracy!

This simple, easy online course provides a great background for a Lean Six Sigma Champion. The podcasts, interviews, webinars and presentations all contribute to a mixed-model teaching and learning experience that keeps your attention. I strongly recommend this course for any leaders working to improve their soft skills and empower their teams.

Jerry Wright -

This is a great course. The course takes a deep dive into Lean Leadership concepts while keeping it light and engaging with humor and stories that support learning. The different formats between webinars, podcasts, modules and blogs support inclusion of all as there are those that learn differently. The most important lessons in Lean Principles and Lean Leadership are repeated at different intervals to refresh and make sure we learn to keep them a priority.

Most importantly, the instructors keep all of the lessons positive and light. Keeping the program enjoyable while concentrating on the importance of the students passing on the information, sharing, teaching, coaching in a similar positive manner. In line with all that is Lean. Respect for people.

To me, being a relative new member of the Lean Community, the Online Lean Six Sigma Champion Training was a great way to educate myself further on the topic of Lean. By starting with the basics and then taking a deeper dive into what it means to be a Lean Leader, this course has given me some very valuable insights and a new perspective on my role.

The do’s and don’ts of coaching people who are in the process of adopting the Lean philosophy and the practical tips on how to use some of the Lean Tools make this course a great learning experience for anyone who is interested in Lean.

I would highly recommend this training and certification to anyone with influence of others in their organization because it contains a great self-paced learning platform with several types of training styles that keep you engaged and hungry for the next module. It also contains tons of relevant content on how to implement and support a lean culture in your organization.

You’ll learn about tools, techniques, and concepts that help you to empower your people (your greatest asset) to identify and solve problems at the lowest level, freeing them up to do more value added activities. Additionally, there’s helpful insight on how you can become a better leader grows their people into lean problem solvers and a leader that people want to follow.

Kara Cuzzetto -’s courses have put our teams on the right continuous improvement path. I had a lot of fun working on my project and their templates made the process so much easier and enjoyable. I’m really looking forward to upcoming projects.

Ken Sheriff -

Champion Training That Delivers Results

Get your Champion Training & Certification with us and you'll learn...

How to be a better leader and mentor

You’ll see how easy it is to support problem solvers and build a Culture of Continuous Improvement.

Practical, targeted concepts & tools

Get leadership training focused on exactly what you need (and nothing you don’t need) to manage meaningful change.

Lifelong problem-solving skills

Learn how to build blame-free cultures and make process problems—and improvements—visible to skyrocket your Continuous Improvement efforts.

Our Model

Why Our Online Champion Training Is So Effective

On-Demand Learning

Online Champion Training that you can start anytime anywhere

Immersive Experience

Discover fun relatable examples, fun games, tools, templates, webinars, guides and more


Results-Driven Design

Accountability for success steered by guides, checklists and templates

Flexible Format

Master the material at your own pace and get guidance from Master Black Belts


Skip the Travel

Save time and money and get better results with our fully online, optimized training format

Champion Training & Certification Details

Online Champion Training & Certification Process

2. Complete Training & Exams

3. Get Certified!

Champion Training & Certification -

Online Champion Training & Certification Summary’s Online Champion Training & Certification is an open-enrollment, fully online, self-paced course designed for Go-Getters who want to build their problem-solving muscles and deliver amazing improvement results. It’s intensely practical, interactive and enjoyable which will help ensure you quickly and effectively build your process improvement and project management skills using clear language and plenty of fun examples.

Our streamlined approach to learning covers a comprehensive body of knowledge in a fraction of the time and cost of other providers.

For decades, we’ve saved organizations in virtually every industry hundreds of millions of dollars. This course draws on what our Experts practice every day in the field to provide you with the most effective way to learn and implement Lean Six Sigma.

Prerequisites: None

We welcome new and experienced problem solvers—and everyone in between!

Format: Fully Online

Skip the travel to save time, money and our planet 🌎

Technical Requirements: Google Chrome or Apple Safari and high-speed internet connection

Course Access: 1 Year

Course Duration: 20 Hours

  • 🖥 Online Training: 15.5 hours
    • Fully online
    • Self-paced
    • Available on mobile devices
  • 📝 Online Certification Exam: 4.5 hours
    • Unlimited retakes
    • 90 multiple-choice questions
    • PDF Certificate you can add to LinkedIn

Project: Not Required (Optional)

If you’d like to complete a project with guidance from a Master Black Belt, register for our Green Belt Training & Certification With Project Completion. Live 1-on-1 Project Coaching with a Master Black Belt is also available as an add-on.

PDUs: 20 / CEUs: 2.0

Money Back Guarantee

We know you’ll love our courses as much as we do. Although if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied (and the course has not been completed), please email [email protected] to request a refund within 30 days of your course purchase.

For individual (single license) purchases, if it is within 30 days and the course has not been completed, we offer a full refund. For group purchases, licenses can be exchanged for other courses. For example, Green Belt licenses can be exchanged for Yellow Belt licenses. Refunds are not available for group purchases.

*Course must not be completed.

Online Champion Training & Certification Learning Objectives

  • Define the role of a Lean Six Sigma Leader
  • List the components required to build a culture of Continuous Improvement
  • Describe how leaders build blame-free cultures
  • Outline how to make process problems—and improvements—visible
  • Describe how to support problem solvers

Online Champion Training & Certification Timing Breakdown

Below is a breakdown of the course and estimated time required to complete each section. You may complete the course at your own pace within 1 year.

No prerequisites are required for Champion Training.

Phase: Description: Time:
Grasp Lean Six Sigma How to define Lean Six Sigma, outline the role of the Champion and list the benefits of bringing Lean Six Sigma into an organization 3 hours
Transform the Culture How to outline the 4 components of cultural transformation and what’s required to achieve a blame-free culture 1.75 hours
Embrace the Leader’s Role How to assess the current culture, build the components of an improvement culture and establish a plan for becoming a Lean Six Sigma Champion 1.25 hours
Make Problems Visible How to incorporate Leader Standard Work, Task Boards and Huddle Meetings as a way to build the problem-solving culture 2.5 hours
Support Problem Solvers How to create a support system for problem solvers including A3 Coaching, soft skills, and outline a long-range plan for maximizing continuous improvement 7 hours
Exam Segmented and embedded at the end of each Phase 4.5 hours (total)
  Total Estimated Time to Complete Training  20 hours

Online Champion Training & Certification Course Outline

The following content, concepts and tools are covered in the Champion course.

Phase 1: Grasp Lean Six Sigma

  • Video: Introduction to the Champion Course
  • Webinar: Executive Overview: The Power of Lean Six Sigma
  • Podcast: Stop Being a Boss and Start Being a Leader, featuring Richard Sheridan
  • Webinar: Introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • Webinar: Introduction to Lean

Phase 2: Transform the Culture

  • Webinar: 4 Components for Building a Lean Culture
  • Podcast: Leaving the Office and Building a Joyous Culture, featuring Gary Peterson
  • Blog: Why Blame Stalls & 5 Ways Leaders Can Create a Blame-free Environment

Phase 3: Embrace the Leader’s Role

  • Webinar: The Role of the Leader in Transforming a Culture of Continuous Improvement
  • Podcast: Disaster Recovery Made Easy With the Toyota Product System, Featuring Liz McCartney

Phase 4: Make Problems Visible

  • Training: Leader Standard Work
  • Training: Leader Task Boards
  • Training: Process Performance Boards
  • Training: Leader Huddle Meetings
  • Training: Leader Process Walks
  • Podcast: Duct Tape and Standard Work—The Sexy Tools of Lean, featuring Tom Root

Phase 5: Support Problem Solvers

  • Webinar: Introduction to DMAIC
  • Webinar: Introduction to PDCA
  • Training: Introduction to A3
  • Training: A3 Coaching
  • Webinar: The Top 5 Challenges with A3 Coaching
  • Podcast: Avoid the Advice Trap and Become a Better Leader, featuring Michael B. Stanier
  • Webinar: How to Coach Problem Solvers to Build their Soft skills
  • Blog: Elephant-Powered Improvement for Zoos All Over the World
  • Blog: How Toyota Coached Leaders to Improve Processes with Learning Journals
  • Webinar: How Leaders Successfully Support Lean Six Sigma Projects
  • Webinar: 5 Ways to Ensure Green Belts Apply their New Skills After Certification
  • Podcast: How IT Spreads Lean Six Sigma to Boost #2-Ranked University, Featuring Mojgan Amini
  • Video: Champion Course Conclusion

Online Champion Training & Certification FAQs

Are there any prerequisites required for Champion Training?

No. There are no prerequisites required for the Champion course.

How long will Training take to complete?

Champion Training will take approximately 20 hours (2 days) to complete.

How long do I have access to Training?

Champion Training is accessible for one year after registration.

Can I access the Training via mobile device or tablet?

Yes! All of our courses are fully compatible with your tablets and mobile phones. This includes iOS, Android and Windows devices that support HTML5.

Why should I get my Training through

We provide the most practical, fun, effective Lean Six Sigma Training available. We take a different approach than other training and certification providers – we aim to help you effectively apply Lean Six Sigma concepts and tools, not just learn about them. Learn more.

Do you offer Government, Student/Educational or Nonprofit Organization discounts?

Yes, we provide discounts to government, educational and nonprofit organizations. Please contact us for information.

Do I have to pay again if I do not pass the Certification exam?

No, you do not have to pay again. We allow unlimited, immediate retakes.

How long is Certification valid for?

Forever. Once you receive your Certification, you do not need to renew it.

How long is the Certification exam?

The Champion Certification exam is 90 questions separated into 5 segments and must be completed in 4.5 hours.

How many times can I take the certification exams?

As many as needed! You have unlimited retakes until your course access expires (one year after your registration date).

View the complete Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification FAQ here.

Champion Training & Certification Reviews

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Champion Training & Certification
Average rating:  
 20 reviews
by Jason Farrer on Champion Training & Certification

I enjoyed this course. It was well put together and done in a way that anyone can understand. I do wish there was a way to print off the slides and tests to refer back to in the future.

by Dalwyn Hodgkin on Champion Training & Certification

Great course!

by Kathryn Swift on Champion Training & Certification

Outstanding course on lean leadership, comprehensive in its content, well-prepared using variety of modalities, readily accessible for all levels of Lean Six Sigma practitioner, and presented in an informative and fun conversational style. The course covered everything from philosophy of Lean culture and inspirational calls to action, to common missteps and experience-based advice, to leadership implementation guides, tools and templates. With Tracy O'Rourke and Elisabeth Swan as course instructors, the course was truly a delightful experience all around! I highly recommend it for managers and for individual contributors alike - for as we learned, each of us can manifest leadership in the way we pursue continuous improvement in the workplace.

by Robinson Rivas on Champion Training & Certification

The authors and instructors, Tracy and Elisabeth, were both on point with the content and very effective with their approach to teaching the content. I truly appreciated the elegance of packaging so much knowledge so succinctly and delivering an unforgettable learning experience. As a result I am very energized and much better prepared to continue the journey of influencing corporate leaders to embrace lean six sigma leadership and to promote cultures of problem solvers. Thank you Tracy and Elisabeth!

by Nabeel Alansri on Champion Training & Certification

i wish that I was involved with these courses ,years ago. they really put a frame of logical and scientific method for dealing with anything in life and not only at work. I will promote this to my family, friends and colleagues in addition to using it at work.

by Jing Fan on Champion Training & Certification

I have a green belt. This course strengths my green belt skills and further expands my view to be a leader. I like the part of how to influence others with scientific methods.

by Nathalie Akindes on Champion Training & Certification

An absolute wonderful course with a variety of learning materials and amazing speakers. With a Global leadership role in a non-profit organization, the learning experience will support "Building Problem-Solving Muscles" and leading global continuous improvement initiatives in mature as well as more challenging contexts.

by Joshua on Champion Training & Certification

Very smooth. Webinars gave great examples and this was easy to follow. GoLeanSixSigma has created a site that promotes smoothness and fluidity. Other companies could learn a thing or two from GLSS.

by Taryn Agiriga on Champion Training & Certification

Great training course for those just starting out with Lean or as a refresher on the main topics of Lean. Covers the basics and provides different ways of learning Lean topics. Great training course!!

by Sissel Lundeby on Champion Training & Certification

As all other training provided by GoLeanSixSigma its excellent quality. The training is a great mix of practical examples and theory. Tracy and Elisabeth share their valuable experiences and has created an awesome training for this critical role, the Champion. This course will help you build a culture of continuous improvement and strengthen the problem-solving skills of your organization. The interviews with people sharing their experiences was really valuable and inspiring.

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