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Start Your Free White Belt Training

Start Your Free White Belt Training and get your globally recognized Lean Six Sigma Certification.

  • 1-hour
  • Online and self-paced
  • Accessible on smartphones, tablets and computers
  • Learn what Lean and Six Sigma are, why organizations use it and how to start improving processes


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Advance Your Problem-Solving Muscles

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  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (Training is free, Certification is regularly $199 – save $150 with coupon code YBLSCO, 8 hours): Introduction of Lean Six Sigma and overview of DMAIC methodology, the process improvement framework used in Lean Six Sigma to easily solve problems. More info on Yellow Belt.
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt (regularly $699 –save $200 with coupon code GBLSCO, 32 hours): In-depth Lean Six Sigma course which enables learners to complete successful projects by walking you step-by-step through the DMAIC methodology. More info on Green Belt.
  • Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (Prerequisite of Green Belt, regularly $999 –save $100 with coupon code BBLSCO, 48 hours): Advanced Lean Six Sigma course which enables learners to manage process improvement programs and help them become a better leaders. More info on Black Belt.
  • Lean Only (regularly $449 –save $200 with coupon code LEANLSCO, 16 hours): Lean only (no Six Sigma) that enables learners to streamline processes and build a Lean Culture. More info on Lean Only.

Success Stories from Lean County Sheriff’s Office

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