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Here are our top picks for Lean Six Sigma news from around the web for the week of July 28, 2014.

NRAs 2014: Corporate Recycler of the Year

Cummins, a fortune 500 corporation that designs and manufactures power generation equipment and systems has been named the 2014 Corporate Recycler of the Year. Cummins has a goal of 95% recycling of its waste by 2020 across their 22 facilities and staff of 46,000. By using Six Sigma and Lean manufacturing techniques, Cummins’ sites increased their recycling rate to 97.87% this year!

Is Insurance Bureaucracy Lengthening Physician Workdays?

A 2008 study shows 59% of U.S. physicians support a single-payer system. So, why isn’t this system in place? Currently, a typical physician office spends 20 hours a week on insurance administrative tasks. These kinds of tasks can be reduced with a single-payer system while more time is spent on patients. To push back administrative duties, healthcare providers are also looking to methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigma.

UC Cancer Institute, Lindner College Partner for Patient Satisfaction Through Lean Training

The UC Cancer Institute recognizes patient satisfaction as one of the most important aspects of healthcare. Franklin Smith, MD clinical director for the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute noticed gaps in patient satisfaction and efficiency. With the gaps in mind, Franklin Smith saw a need for Lean training. The Lean training that was implemented has led to a massive improvement in operational and administrative duties. The improvement has also led to focuses on reorganization of processes to help speed up the start of inpatient chemotherapy.

Jurija Metovic

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