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Here are our top picks for Lean Six Sigma success stories and news from around the web for the week of November 30, 2015.

IT Enters The New Era Of ‘Continuous’ Everything

“Continuous delivery, continuous testing, continuous assessment, and there is more.” James Governor, Founder and Principal Analyst at RedMonk, and Ashish Kuthiala, Senior Director of Marketing and Strategy for Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) DevOps discuss the “continuous everything” era in a recent podcast. Gone are the days where users wait for new versions of software to release in months. Now, new versions of apps, software and storage are being released every day or…continuously. Organizations want “continuous delivery and continuous assessment.”

Target Hospital Workflow To Identify Waste, Guide Process Improvement

Heron Healthcare recently released a new white paper which shows extensive time wasted in healthcare. In the healthcare industry, individuals are taking calls, walking to and from departments to pick up things and searching for supplies. The time wasted on these non-value added steps should be improved to provide a better patient experience and satisfaction. Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center can be used as an example of what to do regarding redesigning workflows and saving waste.

How Zara Used Lean To Become The Largest Fashion Retailer

ZARA is one of the world’s most valuable brands, worth $9.4 billion. Other fashion retailer might ask, what’s the secret? In this article, blogger Nathan Robinson shares the CEO of Zara’s secret, “There is no additional secret apart from the business model and the execution.” The business model and execution models Lean techniques: Just In Time, Agile, Kanban, Customer Value and One Piece Flow.

Jurija Metovic

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