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Ready to bring Lean Six Sigma Training into your organization?
Find everything you need to successfully launch process improvement training with the Ultimate Lean Six Sigma Training Rollout Kit.
The Ultimate Lean Six Sigma Training Rollout Kit -
FastPitch -
Learn Lean Six Sigma by Experiencing It
FastPitch is a one-day interactive introduction to Lean Six Sigma that builds excitement and buy-in for Lean Six Sigma and process improvement initiatives.

FastPitch is a Simulation/Game Workshop used by organizations around the world to lay the groundwork for hundreds of millions of dollars in increased revenue, decreased costs and improved collaboration.

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Yellow Belt Training & Certification
Our free Lean Six Sigma Training will help you understand what Lean Six Sigma is and how it works so you can begin improving processes right away.
Yellow Belt Training -
Yellow Belt Training -
Yellow Belt Training -
Yellow Belt Training -
Yellow Belt Training -
Yellow Belt Training -
Strategic Planning

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Leadership Training

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Green Belt With Flipped Classroom Facilitation
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Flipped Classroom Facilitation for Green Velts -
The Problem-Solver's Toolkit -
New eBook! The Problem-Solver's Toolkit: A Surprisingly Simple Guide to Your Lean Six Sigma Journey

The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit is exactly what my Green Belts need. We will always be on a process improvement journey, so how great to have a travel guide! The infographics alone are perfect teaching tools. Three cheers for Elisabeth Swan and Tracy O’Rourke for providing such easy access to the building blocks of Lean Six Sigma!”

Anne Colwell
CEO, Cape Cod Child Development

“As a former leader, coach and educator within two multi-national organizations, I spent quite some time helping others figure out the best ways to plan and implement process improvement projects. While many had completed training and certification I found that the application of knowledge to be a challenge. The Problem-Solver’s Toolkit addresses this challenge by enabling users to easily access details for basic Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques they may have forgotten. It also provides links to helpful resources for continuing professional development such as podcasts and webinars. This resource is a winner!”

Sandra Flynn Green Belt, Ireland Your Partner for a Successful Lean Six Sigma Deployment
Together, We'll Build Your Organization's Problem-Solving Muscles
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Learning Management System

Easily set up and track the progress of groups of learners through any of our courses.

Process Control Plan -
100+ Tools & Templates

Use our supporting resources to make improvement easier for you and your teams, including a presentation on what Lean Six Sigma can do for your organization – download and share!

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Group Discounts

Save money when you register 5 or more learners. The more learners you register, the higher the discount.