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Big Thinkers, Big Ideas -

APQC CEO Carla O’Dell talked with VP of Content Development Elisabeth Swan as part of the “Big Thinkers, Big Ideas” interview series.

Swan began her career with a background in improvisational theater and then transitioned to process improvement and facilitation with Swan Consulting. Swan has over 20 years of experience in process-based organization design, problem solving, and change management for blue chip clients including Amazon, Cisco, Johnson & Johnson, NBC, Volvo, and more.

Interview Summary

In this interview, Carla O’Dell and Elisabeth Swan discuss Benedict Carey’s latest book, “How We Learn.” The research shows that the process of asking questions and taking quizzes actually improves the retention and recall of any given body of knowledge. In their discussions, Swan and O’Dell find applications of the research to Innovation, Knowledge Management and Process Improvement. For the findings are put into practice with the extensive Q&A woven throughout each module along with the formal Yellow and Green Belt Certification exams. It’s a simple but powerful technique that should be part of any form of education.

About APQC

apqc_logo_hires_624APQC is a member-based nonprofit and one of the world’s leading proponents of knowledge management, benchmarking and best practices business research.

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