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Free Lean Six Sigma Training Available October 15

On October 15, you'll be able to access's Online Yellow Belt Training – for free! To gain free access and be reminded when it becomes available, just sign up for our notification list below. Our fun, free Online Yellow Belt Training covers:  An Introduction to Lean Six Sigma The…

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Webinar: What Is Lean Six Sigma?

Free Webinar: What Is Lean Six Sigma?

The Lean Six Sigma Simplified Webinars finally make learning Lean Six Sigma fun, easy and fast. The first Webinar in the series, "What Is Lean Six Sigma?," is now available for FREE! To access the Webinar, simply click the link or preview of the Webinar below. In this Webinar, you’ll…

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Video: What is Lean Six Sigma?

Tracy O'Rourke explains what Lean Six Sigma is, why businesses use it, and why it should matter to you as an individual. The following is a transcript of this video: I do a lot of travelling and the biggest question I get is "what is Six Sigma?” So I'm going…

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Lean Six Sigma: Improving the Health Care Industry

Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare centers the primary focus on the patients. It aims to deliver the maximum value to patients along with reducing costs by continuously improving processes – a win-win situation for both healthcare organizations and those the most important to them, their patients and families. What Is…

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