Success Stories

Streamlining technology in our lives is a good thing! Find out how GLSS Green Belt Anne Cesarone’s project decreased router configuration time by 16 minutes, a 55% improvement!
With municipal budgets under increasing pressure and few elected leaders willing to risk a tax increase, local governments must still ensure their citizens enjoy the highest possible level of service.
Read on to learn how’s training enabled a leading food processing equipment manufacturer to reduce its annual warranty costs by $240,000.
Over the past year, the IT department for the Town of Oro Valley, a growing community of 47,000 people located a few miles north of Tucson, Arizona, received internal customer complaints that new employees have not been set up with accurate systems access and hardware by their first day of employment.
Today’s public schools are expected to provide their students with a high-quality education, despite having fewer and fewer resources at their disposal. Successfully meeting this challenge means every school district must strive to reduce waste, streamline processes, and build a culture of problem solvers.
By using Lean Six Sigma, Kern County discovered that it required an average of 1.2 hours to resolve IT Help Desk requests with multiple handoffs between teams.
Imagine trying to run an expanding business while not having an accurate analysis of the revenue and expenses. That’s the problem Rhea Health was facing month-to-month. An Oklahoma business started in 2006 and growing rapidly, Rhea Health provides workforce management health services to help companies promote safe, healthy, and productive work environments.
Through the use of Lean Six Sigma, King Khalid Military Hospital reduced the number of unnecessary X-Rays for head injury patients by 55%.
The Town of Oro Valley recognizes the importance of employee training for maintaining compliance with both Town-wide and job-specific requirements. However, the current process to assign training and then track the status results in incomplete employee records and potential compliance issues with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).
Surgical site infections (SSIs) are a serious patient risk but can be reduced with a proven pre-operative treatment. The compliance rate for providing this treatment is only 58% for pediatric patients in Intensive and Cardiac Intensive Care.

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