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Project Charters: What They Are & How To Use Them -

Project Charters: What They Are & How to Use Them

Within the Lean Six Sigma world, the Project Charter serves as a contract between an improvement team and the Project Sponsor or Champion. It provides essential clarity to everyone involved as to what they’ve all agreed to deliver. It helps to align the team with each other, with the Sponsor…

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5 Tips For Starting Lean Six Sigma In Government -

5 Tips for Starting Lean Six Sigma in Government

Government is challenged every day to get more done with less resources. In the public sector, change is often harder than in the private sector. But innovative leaders around the country at the federal, state and city/local levels of government are taking on the challenge whole heartedly, accomplishing their goals…

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How Beginners Can Get Started With Lean Six Sigma -

How Beginners Can Get Started With Lean Six Sigma

Are you new to Continuous Improvement? Are you excited about fixing what “bugs you” but overwhelmed with figuring out where to start? You’re not alone. Solving problems can be intensely gratifying and there is an entire industry devoted to the tools and methods to make it happen. But the sheer…

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7 Ways To Measure & Manage Soft Skills -

7 Ways to Measure & Manage Soft Skills

Whether you prefer Lean, Six Sigma, or Toyota Kata as your method of choice, measurement is a key principle and a thread that weaves its way through any scientific-thinking or improvement approach. It is through objective measurement that we remove assumption, bias, opinion, and let’s face it—drama. The simplest and…

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