The Basics of Lean Six Sigma

Did you know that many fiction books and films follow a similar narrative pattern? It’s called the hero’s journey. An ordinary person goes on a

One of the most innovative methodologies in business processes is the development of Six Sigma. Since its foundation at telecommunications giant Motorola, Six Sigma has

I love speaking with people who use Lean Six Sigma (LSS). Each story is different, even when I recognize the familiar benefits of LSS in

DMAIC is the problem-solving approach that drives Lean Six Sigma. It’s a five-phase method—Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control—for improving existing process problems with unknown

Small- and medium- sized businesses Lean Six Sigma drives results for all businesses—the same success achieved by large businesses can be achieved in small and

Five Basic Phases Lean Six Sigma is simply an effective methodology used to fix a problem. It is based on common sense practices and is

Learning about Lean Six Sigma doesn’t need to be difficult. The first steps are understanding the basics which are: What is  Lean? What is Six

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