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Who Benefits From LeanSixSigma? -

Who Benefits From Lean Six Sigma?

Small- and medium- sized businesses Lean Six Sigma drives results for all businesses—the same success achieved by large businesses can be achieved in small and medium businesses. The only difference is that smaller organizations have the advantage of moving faster with less people, fewer resources and lower levels of red…

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The Definitive Guide to DMAIC -

DMAIC – The 5 Phases of Lean Six Sigma

DMAIC is the problem-solving approach that drives Lean Six Sigma. It's a five-phase method—Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control—for improving existing process problems with unknown causes. DMAIC is based on the Scientific Method and it's pronounced "duh-may-ik." To build your understanding of the method, and help you apply it to…

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Green Belt Certification Process -

The Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Process

If you're interested in obtaining your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, you might have some trouble truly understanding the process. So, here's a simple infographic that explains the process in 3 steps. Ready for Green Belt Training? If you're ready to become Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified, register here!…

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Lean Six Sigma Improves People and Morale

Lean Six Sigma not only increases revenue and reduces costs, it positively affects people by improving morale. Successful Lean Six Sigma projects build the confidence and develop the capability of your business’ most important resource: its people. Studies show that when employees feel that they have a positive affect on…

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How Does Lean Six Sigma Work?

Five Basic Phases Lean Six Sigma is simply an effective methodology used to fix a problem. It is based on common sense practices and is completed in five phases: Define: Define the problem and what is required to satisfy your customer. Measure: Map the current process to collect data. Analyze:…

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Who Benefits From Using Lean Six Sigma

The Benefits of Using Lean Six Sigma

Speed and quality are no longer business trade-offs or nice-to-haves. Efficiently delivering on-time, high-quality products and services to increasingly discerning customers is necessary for survival. In order to grow, organizations must be nimble at problem solving, agile at exploiting opportunities and adept at surmounting challenges. Lean Six Sigma is a…

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Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement provides industry-recognized Lean Six Sigma Training & Certification. Lean Six Sigma is a proven project management methodology that empowers organizations to reduce costs, increase productivity and create more value for customers—in any industry or job function. Lean Six Sigma trains teams to improve processes. Lean Six Sigma can be…

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