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New Procedure Audit

What is a New Procedure Audit? The New Procedure Audit provides an easy way to check for adaptation to the new way of doing things once a project is successfully completed. It serves as a reminder for both you and the process participants. To learn how to use the New…

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Cross-Training Matrix

  What is a Cross-Training Matrix? Cross-Training is training different employees to perform different tasks outside of their original role. For example, training Worker A to do Worker B's job, and training Worker B to do Worker A's job. Cross-Training improves the flow of the process, enables the sharing of…

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Meeting Productivity (RACI) Matrix

  What is a RACI Matrix? A RACI Matrix is a powerful tool that helps increase accountability for a project. RACI stands for Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed. It provides structure and clarity to projects by listing action items, responsible people and follow-up items. To learn how to use the…

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Threats & Opportunities Matrix

What is a Threats & Opportunities Matrix? A Threats & Opportunities Matrix is a simple 2 x 2 grid that captures the threats of not implementing a proposed solution and, conversely, the potential opportunities if the solution is accepted. This matrix is often completed with a particular Stakeholder group in…

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Stakeholder Analysis -

Stakeholder Analysis

A Stakeholder Analysis enables you to outline who has a vested interest in how a process performs. Remember that stakeholders do not receive the product or service. It helps you determine how and when to reach out and communicate with stakeholders to build buy-in, which is critical to a project's…

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Voice of the Customer (VOC) Translation Matrix -

Voice of the Customer (VOC) Translation Matrix

What is a Voice of the Customer (VOC) Translation Matrix? The VOC (Voice of the Customer) Translation Matrix is a tool that helps teams take customer comments, determine the underlying issues represented by those comments and use this information to develop measurable customer requirements. The goal of this tool is…

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Value-Added Flow Analysis -

Value-Added Flow Analysis

What is a Value-Added Flow Analysis? Value-Added Flow Analysis combines two powerful tools into one. The Value Analysis differentiates steps that add value in the eyes of the customer from those that do not, and Flow Analysis calculates the time spent on each step. This makes clear the time and…

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