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Rapid Improvement Event Participation Certificate

A certificate that can be provided as a recognition to an individual for participating in a Rapid Improvement Event. Typically this certificate is given in an awards environment at the end of a successful Rapid Improvement Event. Rapid Improvement Event Participation Certificate To use the Event Participation Certificate and to apply…

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Value Stream Map Template -

Value Stream Map

What is a Value Stream Map? Value Stream Mapping is a technique for identifying and eliminating waste from a process. A Value Stream Map visually maps the flow of steps, delay, and information required to deliver a product or service; this is called a "Current State" Map. Value Stream Mapping…

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Customer Value Checklist

  What is a Customer Value Checklist? The Customer Value Checklist helps you understand your customers, define the value you provide them, and understand why it matters. The voice of the customer is critical and the Customer Value Checklist can help you determine the customer requirements of your organization's products and services.…

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Process Walk Planning Timeline

  What is a Process Walk Planning Timeline? The Process Walk Planning Timeline is a template to help organize preparation activities for conducting a Process Walk. The document includes a timeline, description of activities to be completed prior to an event, and a standard Process Walk agenda. To learn how…

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Pilot Checklist

  What is a Pilot Checklist? A Pilot is a limited implementation of the solution to allow you to learn and make improvements to the solution and implementation. A Pilot is a defined test of a solution that will result in fine tuning before a full roll out. To learn…

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Leader Standard Work Task Board Monitoring Cards -

Leader Standard Work Task Board Monitoring Cards

The cards are a visual tool to monitor Leader Standard Work activities. These monitoring cards can be customized, printed, cut, folded and then visually displayed and to monitor these activities with leadership staff. The primary users of these cards are leadership positions at all levels, from Directors, Managers and Supervisors.…

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Leader Process Walk Worksheet

The Leader Process Walk means going to where the work actually occurs. The Leader Process Walk is designed to build process focus and leverage Visual Management Tools. It allows leaders to engage in repetitive activities that identify abnormal situations. The Leader creates an effective learning model and reserves times to observe…

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Communication Plan

  What is a Communication Plan? The Communication Plan guides the meeting process, messaging, method, frequency, and target. The Communication Plan is the best tool to use to ensure acceptance. To learn how to use the Communication Plan and how to apply Lean or Six Sigma, check out our Free Lean Six…

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5S Transactional Assessment

  What is a 5S Transactional Assessment? The 5S Transactional Assessment is a tool to determine whether or not the standards of 5S (Sort, Set-in-Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain) are being met in an office, or in a digital work space. The types of conditions being monitored would include whether or…

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