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Opportunity Pipeline

  What is the Opportunity Pipeline? The Opportunity Pipeline captures potential improvement efforts whether they are simple Quick Wins, stand-alone 5S efforts or full-fledged DMAIC projects. The pipeline provides a way to capture, categorize and assign accountability for improvement opportunities. The template captures a running list of opportunities along with…

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Monitoring Plan Map -

Monitoring Plan Map

  What is a Monitoring Plan Map? The Monitoring Plan Map includes a high-level Swimlane Map of the improved process. This map highlights the steps in the process that require ongoing tracking in the Control Phase. There should be a mix of Input, Process and Output Measures that are reflecting…

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Solution Selection Matrix -

Solution Selection Matrix

What is the Solution Selection Matrix? The Solution Selection Matrix provides a method of assessing the positive impact of each proposed solution on reaching the goal as well as the relative effort, time to implement and cost. Improvement teams rate each solution resulting in individual scores and then indicate whether…

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Project Closure -

Project Closure

What is the Project Closure Template? Project Closure is the wrap up of all the good that came of an improvement project. This is where a team notes their lessons learned, hard and soft savings and whether the Process Owner is prepared to monitor and maintain the updated process. To…

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Value Stream & Core Process Identification -

Value Stream & Core Process Identification

  What is Value Stream & Core Process Identification? The Value Stream & Core Process Identification template helps an organization to document their core Value Streams and Core Processes at a high level. This is done prior to any detailed mapping of the Value Streams or Core Processes which requires…

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Project Schedule -

Project Schedule

  What is the Project Schedule? The Project Schedule provides a timeline that allows Green Belt and Black Belt Candidates know which phase of DMAIC they should be in and when their deliverables are due. It's a great way to stay on track for certification. To learn how to use…

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Project Screener -

Project Screener

  What is a Project Screener? The Project Screener will ensure you are working on an appropriate project for your Green Belt Certification. Please download it using the link above. To learn how to use the Project Screener and how to apply Lean or Six Sigma, check out our Green Belt Training…

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Goal Statement Builder

What is the Goal Statement Builder? The Goal Statement Builder Template provides an easy way to build a proper Goal Statement for an improvement project. The template requests the units, the measure, the baseline, target and projected timeline for improvement. Once completed this statement can be inserted into the Project…

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Matching X & Y Measures

What are Matching X & Y Measures? Matching X & Y Measures is a template that illustrates which input and process "X" measures impact the "Y" or output measure. This helps when determining what data to collect to uncover the critical "X" Measures. This is related to the equation: Y…

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Project Scope -

Project Scope (aka Scope)

  What is a Project Scope? The Project Scope has two basic components. The most important is the beginning and end of the process being addressed - the "Start" and "Stop" points - which is most often outlined in the SIPOC. The second part of the project scope addresses what's…

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