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How Process Can Hamper Productivity

Lisa Bodell of Fast Company discusses how processes can get in the way of productivity in her article, "5 Ways Process Kills Productivity." Although good processes help to standardize and simplify complex activities, having too many processes in place can do more harm than good. Bodell cites examples that include…

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Santana Textiles To Train Employees In Lean Practices

What could be better than improving product quality, decreasing production costs and eliminating waste? Try doing all three of those things while simultaneously bringing  jobs back to the United States. Santana Textiles, located primarily in Brazil and Argentina, will be working with South Texas College to improve business practices at…

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Towards A Sustainable, 21st Century Workplace

The idea of a workplace where employees maximize their potential and innovative freedom may sound romantic, but Forbes contributor Steven Denning argues that such an environment is not only practical, but sustainable. Instead of relying on only exceptional employees, Denning cites a radical management methodology which instead allows competent employees…

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Lean Six Sigma Success Stories by Industry

Organizations large and small in every industry can increase profits, reduce costs and improve collaboration using Lean Six Sigma. For your reference, we've organized Lean Six Sigma success stories below by industry. Please check back often as we add new success stories regularly. For Lean Six Sigma in the news, visit…

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Lean Six Sigma Success Stories in the Heavy Equipment Industry

Below are Lean Six Sigma success stories in the Heavy Equipment industry organized alphabetically. For success stories in other industries, please visit our Lean Six Sigma Success Stories page. Aluminum Trailer Co. Lean Transformation Saves Aluminum Trailer Co. At the Lean Accounting Summit this year, Steve Brenneman, president, and Duane Yoder,…

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