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Do I need to be employed to register for a course?

No, you do not need to be (employed/working for a company) in order to register for any of our courses. Simply enter “none” in the company field to continue your check out process. Please note that Black Belt Candidates are required to complete a live project. Projects must be business-related.…

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Can I use your infographics for private use?

Yes, you may use our infographics as long the following requirements are met: Our image is not altered or edited in any way (except resizing) Our copyright (logo and copyright info) remains in place A link to our website is included as a reference If you are still unsure, please…

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Do you offer any printable materials?

We only provide access to our training materials online (not available for download or printing), but you can access them at any time. With your purchase of your Green or Black Belt Training & Certification, you will receive one full year of access (from registration date) to the following downloadable…

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