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Do You Accept Payments Or Have Payment Plans?

Do you accept payments or have payment plans?

Yes. We accept payments through PayPal Credit and you'll receive immediate access to the courses you register for. To pay with PayPal Credit, take the following steps: Go to your cart in the upper right hand corner Update your cart with the courses you'd like to register for Proceed to…

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Are There Reviews For Your Courses From Learners?

Are there reviews for your courses from learners?

Yes, we're humbled to offer you the highest rated Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training & Certification courses available. Our learners continuously give our courses praise for our interactive, practical and easy to understand approach to learning. All of our courses are rated 5 of 5…

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What Are The Main Points Of Lean?

What are the main points of Lean?

A lot of people think that LEAN stands for Less Employees Are Needed and believe that Lean is about reducing head count. This is not true. The definition of Lean is to maximize value to the customer while reducing waste. People are not a waste. People are an organization’s important…

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