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“Assure” is a difficult word to answer, but let’s take it in pieces. First, Lean is a great place for companies to start their improvement efforts. It focuses on improving the efficiency of business processes by identifying and eliminating waste. But efficiency of process is not sufficient to “assure the sustainability of their products and quality.” It takes more than just implementing Lean concepts. Hence our training includes Six Sigma tools and techniques that address the reduction of variation in processes which is how companies improve the “quality” of their products.

Finally, to sustain their products, companies need to have an on-going process of understanding their customer requirements. Customer needs are ever changing and having a way to monitor these changes goes a long way in sustaining the company’s success.

Craig Tickel

Craig is a Senior Consultant at and a Master Black Belt with over 25 years of success working with companies like Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, General Electric, Starwood Hotels & Resorts and Stepan Company. He’s an expert at helping people learn and apply Lean Six Sigma to achieve their goals.