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Lean Six Sigma in Alabama – Consulting, Coaching & Training

Alabama has approximately 100,805 privately held companies and 382,350 companies total. Some of the most successful have used Lean Six sigma to reduce costs, increase revenue and improve collaboration. Among these companies are: GE Home & Business Solutions: How General Electric view Six Sigma Lockheed Martin: Lean Six Sigma Maturity at Lockheed Martin L-3 Communications: L-3…

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How To Apply 5S: Work Station -

How to Apply 5S: Work Station

5S is a fundamental pillar of a Lean deployment. The 5S exercise captures core principles of the Lean philosophy that facilitate the extension and development of a lasting lean implementation. Think of it as the foundation upon which a house is built upon. While some think of it as a…

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Lean Six Sigma Simplified Webinar

The Lean Six Sigma Simplified Webinar is approaching! To be notified of when registration becomes available, please sign up for our mailing list by completing the green form on the right side of this page. About the Lean Six Sigma Simplified Webinar Learn the basics of Lean Six Sigma including…

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Using A SIPOC To Leverage Control And Influence -

Using a SIPOC to Leverage Control and Influence

We spend countless time in meetings discussing roles, responsibilities and accountabilities. Yet, I find managers and associates still have misunderstandings about what they’ve been asked to do and what it is they are responsible for. A tool I use when implementing Lean Six Sigma that leaders, managers and associates have…

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Lean Six Sigma and the Cost of Poor Quality

As we near the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, it is important for us to remain ever vigilant of the icebergs in our midst. In working with a large government agency who is facing severe budget pressures, I discovered that one of their biggest challenges in dealing…

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Lean Six Sigma: Improving the Health Care Industry

Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare centers the primary focus on the patients. It aims to deliver the maximum value to patients along with reducing costs by continuously improving processes – a win-win situation for both healthcare organizations and those the most important to them, their patients and families. What Is…

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