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Lean Six Sigma in Iowa – Consulting, Coaching & Training

Iowa has approximately 80,971 privately held companies and 259,931 companies total. When it comes to improving revenue, cutting costs and increasing collaboration, Lean Six Sigma is the answer. The following are Lean Six Sigma businesses in Iowa: John Deere Company Wells Fargo: Wells Fargo Upgrades Genpact Ltd. (G) to Outperform; BPO Market Improving,…

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Lean Six Sigma in Illinois – Consulting, Coaching & Training

Illinois has approximately 314,977 privately held companies and 1,123,817 companies total. The holy grail of business improvement is bettering your profits WHILE reducing your costs. Thankfully, these businesses in Illinois have already figured out how by using Lean Six Sigma: Boeing: Built-in Quality: Better, faster, cheaper—but most of all, better Caterpillar Inc.: How…

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Lean Six Sigma - Helping Improve Hawaii -

Helping Improve Hawaii With Lean Six Sigma

Aloha! As a local, Hawaii-based company, we're honored to support Kama'aina and other local organizations by offering discounts on all of our Lean Six Sigma courses! Lean Six Sigma can help organizations of all sizes in any industry to improve processes resulting in reduced costs, increased profits and happier customers. What…

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Lean Six Sigma in Florida – Consulting, Coaching & Training

Florida has approximately 491,249 privately held companies and 2,009,589 companies total. Not only can you cut costs, but supercharge earnings and encourage worker collaboration with Lean Six Sigma. Follow in the footsteps of these companies in Florida, who have already used Lean Six Sigma to achieve great results: SimplexGrinnell: Commitment to Operational Excellence…

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Lean Six Sigma in Connecticut – Consulting, Coaching & Training

Connecticut has approximately 90,048 privately held companies and 332,150 companies total. Improving revenue and minimizing expenses is Lean Six Sigma's specialty. The following companies in Connecticut use Lean Six Sigma: Cigna: CIGNA exec named Lean Six Sigma CEO of the Year Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide: Six Sigma Kick-Starts Starwood Xerox: Xerox Lean…

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Lean Six Sigma in Colorado – Consulting, Coaching & Training

Colorado has approximately 152,997 privately held companies and 547,770 companies total. Want to increase sales, decrease expenses, and improve employee productivty? Consider Lean Six Sigma, which is utilized by the following companies in Colorado: CoorsTek: Highest Supplier Award from Wabash Technologies Two Years Consecutively Woodward: Sustaining a Culture of Continuous Improvement Covidien…

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