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Lean Six Sigma Consulting: Unbiased, Expert Support

Successful Lean Six Sigma process improvement projects that result in increased revenue, reduced costs and improved collaboration are great accomplishments. All improvement efforts – from large, organization-wide initiatives to smaller, department projects, require the involvement of the right people, the right knowledge, patience and discipline. Frequently, companies have difficulty aligning…

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Lean Six Sigma Improves People and Morale

Lean Six Sigma not only increases revenue and reduces costs, it positively affects people by improving morale. Successful Lean Six Sigma projects build the confidence and develop the capability of your business’ most important resource: its people. Studies show that when employees feel that they have a positive affect on…

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How Does Lean Six Sigma Work?

Five Basic Phases Lean Six Sigma is simply an effective methodology used to fix a problem. It is based on common sense practices and is completed in five phases: Define: Define the problem and what is required to satisfy your customer. Measure: Map the current process to collect data. Analyze:…

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Who Benefits From Using Lean Six Sigma

The Benefits of Using Lean Six Sigma

Speed and quality are no longer business trade-offs or nice-to-haves. Efficiently delivering on-time, high-quality products and services to increasingly discerning customers is necessary for survival. In order to grow, organizations must be nimble at problem solving, agile at exploiting opportunities and adept at surmounting challenges. Lean Six Sigma is a…

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Six Sigma Statistically Visualized -

What Is Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma White Belt Training & Certification is the quickest, most effective introduction to Lean Six Sigma. Start for free and learn what Lean Six Sigma is and why organizations use it in just 1 hour! The Origins of Six Sigma Six Sigma originated with Bill Smith at Motorola…

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What is Lean?

Lean methodology has been labeled a process improvement toolkit, a philosophy, and a mindset. At its core, Lean is a popular approach to streamlining both manufacturing and transactional processes by eliminating waste and optimizing flow while continuing to deliver value to customers. The Lean Principles Lean is built upon a…

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What Is Lean Six Sigma? -

Lean Six Sigma Process Improvement’s process improvement courses help organizations achieve operational excellence by empowering people with practical problem-solving skills. What is Lean Six Sigma? Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two popular Process Improvement methods—Lean and Six Sigma—that pave the way for operational excellence. These time-tested approaches provide organizations with a clear…

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