Tracy O'Rourke

Tracy is a Managing Partner & Executive Advisor at For almost 20 years, she's helped leading organizations like Washington State, Cisco and GE build problem-solving muscles with Lean Six Sigma to achieve their goals.
Is There A Tool That Can Be Used To Guide Process Walks?

Is there a tool that can be used to guide Process Walks?

We have the following templates available: Process Walk Ground Rules Process Walk Interview Sheet Process Walk Planning Checklist Later this year, we will be developing a Process Walk Facilitator Guide for planning and conducting Process Walks. And lastly, here are some helpful links from our web site: Video: The Process Walk…

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Webinar: Process Walk Orientation For Participants

Webinar: Process Walk Orientation for Participants

Are you going to be conducting, facilitating, or participating in a Process Walk? Join us for this 1-hour webinar to learn and understand what will happen during a Process Walk as well as set expectations, establish ground rules, and understand the what and how of Process Walks.   Date & Time…

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Project Presentation Webinar: Streamlining The Architectural, Engineering And Professional (AEP) Procurement Process With Kara Cuzzetto

Project Presentation Webinar: Streamlining the Architectural, Engineering and Professional (AEP) Procurement Process With Kara Cuzzetto

King County successfully creates internal partnerships to streamline procurement processes between agencies. Watch this 30 minute project presentation webinar featuring Kara Cuzzetto, a Continuous Improvement Manager. She talks about a successful project and how Wastewater Treatment Division and the Financial Business Operations Division helped to reduce lead time in Procurement…

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Can You Provide Additional Details About Flow?

Can you provide additional details about flow?

I'd love to! There are many Lean tools out there specifically for improving flow such as like work cells, changeover reduction, and heijunka. However, since this was an introduction to Lean, we only had a a limited time to explain the concept. I'd recommend more reading on Continuous Flow concepts and…

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