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Julius Pecson

Julius is the Director of Operations at His passion for simplifying complex concepts into easy to understand and elegant visuals helps make it easy for our learners to understand and apply Lean Six Sigma.
Illuminating Lean Process Development At VCC -

Illuminating Lean Process Development at VCC

VCC (Visual Communications Company) is a leader in the development and manufacturing of illuminated electronic components for global markets. By creating a culture of lean product development via transparency, knowledge sharing, teamwork and innovation, VCC is able to increase customer response and customer satisfaction as well as improve the new…

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Shields Health Care Group Embraces Six Sigma Methodology -

Shields Health Care Group Embraces Six Sigma Methodology

Chuck Spurr, chief information officer at Shields Health Care Group, needed an overhaul in its revenue cycle business. So when IT software alone couldn't solve the issues, Shields, an MRI and ambulatory health chain serving the Boston area, looked to Six Sigma methodology. As a result of this implementation, Shields…

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Applying Lean Principles To Cleaning Manufacturing Facilities -

Applying Lean Principles to Cleaning Manufacturing Facilities

Have you leaned your cleaning? When it comes to manufacturing plants and machine reliability, cleanliness and efficiency start with getting lean. Utilizing lean principles, particularly 5S, to the holistic cleaning of a facility not only results in an organized work environment, it also increases the productivity of the cleaning teams,…

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