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Gene Sorbo

Gene Sorbo is the President of an Agile Leadership Coaching and Consulting company, Strong Tower Solutions. He is a Certified Scrum Master and ICF Certified Professional Leadership Coach, having received Agile training personally from Jim Highsmith and Ken Schwaeber (Agile manifesto signers). He spent 20 years in traditional software design/engineering and enterprise software implementation roles and saw first-hand the repeated high cost failures of the methodology known as “Waterfall.”
5 Ways to Make Agile Great Again -

5 Ways to Make Agile Great Again

Over the course of my years as a Certified Scrum Master and ICF (International Coach Federation) Certified Leadership Coach, I have personally observed that organizations are not making nearly as much progress as they should or want to with their Agile and Scrum implementations. Something is fundamentally broken and needs…

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