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Lean Six Sigma Project Types -

It’s important to know what kind of Lean Six Sigma project you’re considering. These are 5 classic project types to help you decide. If you’re looking to conduct a Green Belt or a Black Belt project, then you should be working on a Process Improvement Project.

Quick Win

  • Implementation of a simple solution to a known issue
  • The problem is contained in one department, the root cause is known and the fix is painless
  • Also called “Just-Do-It” or Fast Track

Process Improvement

Process Design

  • Creation of a brand-new, non-existent process
  • There is no existing process to analyze which require benchmarking and collection of VOC
  • Also called DFSS or DMADV

Process Redesign

  • Overhaul of non-capable, existing process
  • The process exists, but incremental improvements will not be able to satisfy requirements
  • Also called Reengineering

Infrastructure Implementation

  • Establishment of key measurement systems
  • Monitoring of process capability and VOC are established to better focus improvement efforts
  • Also called Process Management

Which Project Will You Select?

Do you have a process improvement project? Great! Time to get started. Register for any of our Lean Six Sigma courses today!